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Route Marker 7- Transfer & upscaling:
What are the next stages working with IPT?


The TRANSITIONS Routemap sets out a proposed approach to foster cooperation between public authorities and IPT stakeholders. The stages could be envisaged as a relatively small-scale pilot working with specific unions or associations, with potential for transfer and upscaling to other parts of the city in the future in order to achieve more widespread benefits. In order to make the self-appraisal scheme more straightforward to answer without further information gathering, some of the questions ask you to focus on transport corridors and unions about which you already have some knowledge. Should the prospect of proceeding with a pilot of this nature be attractive, there are several considerations to take into account in selecting suitable pilot areas, including:

  • Unions/associations with capacity and capabilities – Route Marker 4 and Question 6 provide an understanding of the competencies that are important to consider in the professionalisation process. Certain unions/associations may already be considered well advanced candidates, but an open call for expressions of interest would present a fair means for selecting good cooperation partners.

  • Geographies and routes – Certain routes/transport corridors may present better opportunities for infrastructure improvements, such as space availability for terminals, or locations with poor road conditions where significant advances could be made. The degree of overlap (and therefore potential for competition) between the operations of unions/associations should also be taken into consideration.

Please refer to the other sections of the website for further detail on the background knowledge and actions that could be taken, based on research undertaken by the TRANSITIONS project partners. There remain many areas of research and practice that need to be investigated and developed further, which could be well advanced in collaboration with cities that seek to collaborate with the IPT sector in the manner envisaged, and that subsequently share their experiences can refine the Routemap further.

We hope that you have found the explanation of the Routemarkers clear and that the Self-Appraisal questions have enabled you to reflect on the situation in a specific city. If you would like to understand more about the TRANSITIONS project and the suggested Routemap for improved IPT services, then please do contact us.

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