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Route Marker 3- Infrastructure: What basic infrastructure improvements would deliver the greatest benefits for IPT?


IPT operators and passengers have to contend with issues of substandard infrastructure on a daily basis. Relatively basic measures within the competence of highways and traffic authorities, include:

  • Ensuring adequate road surfacing - Poor road surfaces reduce vehicle speeds, fuel efficiency and lifespan, as well as causing discomfort to passengers. IPT associations/unions often deploy older vehicles to routes with poor roads and the motivation to invest in new vehicles is reduced when their condition could quickly deteriorate.

  • Providing space and basic services at terminals – Where terminals/stations have established sites, then support for provision of appropriate surfacing (to avoid muddy conditions), and provision of lighting, toilets, seating and shelter (from sun and rain) for passengers and IPT crews, would make a substantial difference. In many cases, then terminals occupy areas at and around highway junctions, in which case designated space could be planned and provided.

  • Enabling trading activities, while preventing obstruction – Provision should be made for trader activities and storage of materials at terminals, while preventing encroachment on to roadways.

  • Preventing flooding and designing for sustainable drainage – Regular maintenance and desilting of drains is required to avoid needless flooding, while new road and terminal surfacing should be designed according to Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) principles.

Self Assessment Questionnaire

See where you stand.

Based upon a key IPT corridor that you know well, how would you quantify and rate the quality of infrastructure?

  • Percentage of routes benefitting from a good quality road surface, that is well maintained

  • Percentage of terminals and popular bus stops with all-weather paving (e.g. preventing muddy conditions)

  • Percentage of terminals and popular bus stops benefitting from seating and shelter

  • Percentage of terminals and popular bus stops with lighting  

Further infrastructure actions and case studies for consideration are presented at:

You can also download the questionnaire template below and work on the answers with your colleagues!

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